• Craftsmen's Guild did two separate projects for us on our 30 year old home, both with very positive results. The first project - over 8 years ago - was originally scoped to be a simple kitchen remodel, but they quickly came up with a clever idea that gave us considerably more space. It was a fairly complex architectural design that required re-engineering the support structure of the first floor of a two story house and doing it in such a way that we could continue to live there. While they are doing the construction, you work with their in-house interior designer to complete the fine touches: cabinets, fixtures, floor style, etc. During the course of the project, there were bumps (unexpected drainage pipe that had to be rerouted, etc), but they handled the challenges professionally and absorbed any additional costs when it was there mistake. While it was a successful project, there were learning experiences: schedules are optimistic (in any remodel!), and while they budget amounts for appliances/tiles/fixtures/etc, we found that our tastes were usually nicer than what was built into the budget for the interior. This meant that things ended up more expensive than originally planned, but at no point did we feel it was unfair and we were fully in control of how much the final project cost us (remember: if you want the expensive granite, it will be expensive). The second project - about 3 years ago - was a remodel of all three bathrooms. This time, it took many design iterations before we were satisfied; they patiently worked with us until we were happy, which is good. They figured out how to repurpose and relayout existing space very effectively; on the second floor, without adding any square footage - by moving bathrooms, closets and a hallway - they came up with a design that gave us a walk in closet where we had none and a very nice new bathroom with all the bells and whistles; and on the first floor, we got a full bath with double showers where earlier we had only a half bath (they cleverly moved the hot water heater and furnace to get the additional space). The use of space is tremendously improved and we are ecstatic over the results. All in all, they do a great job and we have been very pleased with their work.
    Michael M.
  • Mike gave me a call after seeing my review here and on Angie's List. He apologized for my experience and explained that his mother passed away shortly after our meeting. Due to his mother's passing he needed to take care of many of her affairs and deal with family matters. I hadn't contacted him again as I decided we wouldn't be a good fit so knew nothing of his family circumstances. He had misplaced my contact information. Once he saw this review he could find me again and called me to apologize for this experience. He offered some services with reduced rates to make up for my experience. He also asked me to update this review. I feel like Mike was sincere and apologetic and was really wanting to make things right.
    Gloria R.
  • The level of professionalism, and execution was outstanding. My expectations were met in every way, and they made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to update their homes.
    Soraya A.
  • Working with Craftsmen Guild was a very pleasant experience during all phases of our project. The end result was spectacular. We couldn't have expected any better. They have done two separate residence remodels for us and in each case they were professional and always attentive. Whenever there was an issue, Mike and Matt were there to manage the resolution which met or exceeded our expectations. We recommend Craftsmen Guild to anyone interested in remodeling their homes...
    Morris T.
  • We cannot say enough good things about Craftsmen's Guild, as our friends and family already know! Our home went through a fairly extensive remodel and addition and we are so pleased with the outcome. If you are looking for a firm who takes pride in their work and stands behind it, who coordinates all of the pieces so you don't have to, and who makes you feel like you are the most important client they have, you will want to meet Mike, Matt and Callie. We were impressed by their professionalism, their ethics, and their sincerity. Working with them was a wonderful experience!
    Linda K.
  • We had our home remodeled by the Craftsmen's Guild in 2006. We selected them because we were looking for a team that worked together from design, through obtaining permits, demo, build, and final project touches. Mike's design so seamless fit in with our property's footprint and curb the design, it makes our home look like a true original. In fact, people are surprised when we tell them that our home was remodeled at all! We continue to get wonderful comments on how beautiful our home is, thank you Craftsmen's Guild. I would definitely recommend these gentleman to anyone thinking of starting a remodeling project.
    Alicia P.
  • Our kitchen and dining area were transformed by the three brothers (Craftsmen's Guild) ten years ago. My husband is 6 ft. 2 in. and I am 5 ft. 2 in. We both wanted to be comfortable in our kitchen. We have been so pleased with their clever ideas, which were expertly implemented and have stood the test of time. We thoroughly recommend them.
    Sandra B.
  • I have experienced many a contractors in my time, and I must say, Craftsmen's Guild has been one of the most exceptional companies I have ever came across. I had a 500 foot addition build added my house in 2014. Their workmanship was way above my expectations. They worked as a team though out the process and always kept me involved. The quality and attention to detail from the foundation to the rafters was perfection. There was never a problem working with the city. Was I a happy customer?, you bet!. Would I hire them again? In a heart beat!. I can never thank them enough, my friends come, and they are in Awe. So Thanks again Mike, Matt, and all your Team.
    Marilyn R.
  • Craftsmen's Guild did a full renovation on our home, and they created a beautiful architectural design and delivered high quality on time construction. With any full renovation, there will be minor repairs identified that require timely correction. Craftsmen's Guild made those corrections even after their warranty had expired. Pictures of our home were used in various marketing presentations. Our home continues to receive frequent complements.
    Lou W.
  • We had a remodel several years ago. Mike and Matt are very true to there word. First of all we selected them because their services were all inclusive and secondly because they were very family oriented. I remembered Mike saying they stand behind their work and helped a women finds part greater than 7-8 years after her remodel! Well I had a faucet issue 4 years after my remodel the other day and they sent a plumber out free of charge. I was amazed!
    Inez D.
  • The Craftsmen's Guild handled our remodel 7 years ago. We really liked having the design and construction services in one place. They listened to our needs, looked at our sketches and came up with a plan that we still love today.
    Steven G.
  • About three years ago, my wife and I decided to remodel our house in Los Gatos. We wanted to remodel our kitchen, bathrooms, dining room, entry hall and add a Bonus room. A pretty good size project. We met with at least three architects, one in Palo Alto, one in San Jose, and one in Freemont. Two already started working on the project and we had to stop the work because we did not feel comfortable working with them. We found Craftsman's Guild at a Home Show and found Mike, Matt and Moe Amini.s Mike is the Architect and Matt is Construction. We found them very easy to work with. Mike did the design and we liked it with the understanding that my wife will refine it to her satisfaction. Mike was extremely accommodating and he made sure my wife, working together with his designer, included everything she wanted. Believe me this was a huge task. My wife spent over a month, everyday, at Mike's office with the designer on the computer to finalize the design. This will tell you the way how Craftsman works. As far as the design goes, they work with you until you are satisfied before the next step. Both Mike and Matt gave us many ideas of what we can and can not do since this was our 1st project. We successfully negotiated the contract price and got the project started. Matt was responsible for the construction of the project. Again, Matt was also very cooperative and assisted us in deciding what we should do and how we should do it. We found that Matt goes out of his way to accomplish what you wanted. Some of his subs were also very good and skilled craftsmen. We feel very comfortable work with Mike and Matt. They listen and pay attention to what your ideas. We feel this is utmost important in selecting the right company to do your project. Also, we enjoyed working with other office staff as well, especially Moe, the other Amini. We have recommended them to many of our friends and showed our house to many of their perspective clients of the fine work they did on our house. We would recommend them without any reservations.
    Eugene H.
  • Craftsman guild did a major kitchen remodel and room addition for our home in 2005. Their designer was very helpful and the project was completed in a timely fashion. We are happy with the results. Whatever problems we encountered was corrected to our satisfaction in a timely fashion.
    Iyoko K.
  • Craftsmen's Guild architected and remodeled our home in 2003. They added a much needed 2nd story and created a formal dining room downstairs. We found Matt, Mike and Moe Amini to be easy to work with and very quality conscious. The end result was a very positive addition to our home. That was 7 years ago. At the beginning of this week I discovered a very significant water leak coming from the upstairs bathroom. Not knowing who to turn to and because of my confidence in the quality of their previous work, I called Matt at Craftsmen's Guild. He immediately asked one of their subcontractors (Royal Plumbing: 408 892 2248) to come out to the house to troubleshoot the leak. Royal discovered a broken shower/bath valve and advised because it was Hans Grohe, it came with a lifetime warranty. My next challenge was to find the purchase receipt from 7 years ago. I called Craftsmen's Guild again. The quickly found and faxed me the receipt and attempted to call Hans Grohe for me. Grohe was closed because of the severe ice conditions in the SouthEast. I called back the next AM and they overnighted the new valve cartridge to me at no cost. Royal Plumbing returned Friday late PM and installed the new cartridge. To me a quality contractor is one who not only does a good or great job while under contract, but is one who is constantly customer focused. Craftsmen's Guild came through when we needed them even though it had been 7 years since we worked with them. I highly recommend them!
    Richard H.
  • I highly recommend Craftsmen's Guild and Amini's brothers. Mike initially helped us out with kitchen remodel, which included an expansion with foundation work. Subsequently we have had Matt completely remodel and transform two bathrooms and an office. They have additionally completed various upgrades and built-ins throughout our house. I love our house now and they are a big part of why we like it so much. Mike has integrity, enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and strong visualization skills. The quality of their work is unmatched, because of their previous experience with so many different projects. Moe is strong communicator and their team members while on the job and will take the time to discuss important decisions that may not be on your blueprints. They know that these decisions will impact your enjoyment and use for years to come. Team was always friendly, trustworthy, prompt, courteous and cleaned up at the end of each day. The quality of their work is unmatched and I cant thank them enough.
    Melina A.
  • We were thinking about some additions and I contacted them for an interview. They gave me great ideas and also highlighted some areas that we never considered. They really know what they are doing :) Very professional and friendly and made us very comfortable. I also checked their website and they had a very large number of excellent feedback. We delayed our plans due to economic conditions, but we will definitely choose them once we are ready to start.
    Sam M.
  • We initially hired Craftsmen's Guild because they built my hairstylist's studio and my hairstylist praised their work 15 years later saying he has had no problems with the building in all the years. Our design was out of the box and out of this world in not wasting any space and fitting all we need in a small area due to our budget. What I appreciated most about Mike is he said NO to me many times to keep me within our budget. Also in the midst of his talking, he listened to what we truly needed and provided exactly that. He gave us a green home, placing windows and the orientation of the house to make the most use of the sun. The insulation provided will save us energy costs in the years to come. Their execution was truly beyond our expectations.
    Nasim H.
  • This is a long overdue review. Craftsmen's Guild remodeled our house in 2005. They were great from the beginning. We walked in with a set of plans we could never afford to build and Mike quickly helped us design an upgrade and expansion to our home that was practical and within our budget. He set appropriate expectations and the company met them all. Mat was wonderful to work with during the entire process, and got things done right and on time. Callie helped us with the interior design, and we really felt she was instrumental in the final look of the house (which we both love!). We love our house, and are always complimented on results of the remodel.
    Stubert S.
  • Craftmen's Guild is a world class design and build firm run with integrity and attention to detail by the Amini brothers. Mike is the architect, Mo handles the business end, and Matt is the engineer/general contractor who makes your dreams a reality. In addition, they offer design services. Callie took me by the hand and helped me choose and design tile layouts, appliances, cabinetry, all of the way down to cabinet front styles and knobs. It's a fantastic soup to nuts firm which puts quality first, and stands by everything they do for life. We had an addition/remodel done in 2000 including a total master bedroom and bathroom reconfiguration/build out, and a family room extension. We replaced all of the windows in the house, the roof, and they helped me find a painter to spruce it all up. Back in 2006 we returned for the fastest kitchen remodel in the West. When you use a contractor more than once, you know you've struck gold. The Amini brothers listen, work hard and fast, help you create your vision, and do it all with a smile, and a total commitment to quality. Best of all, this is accomplished within budget. They receive my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation. I love my house!
    Mary H.
  • We had a complete kitchen remodel and square footage added to create a larger dinette area. Also, an interior wall was moved to create a larger dining room. We appreciated the time spent on the design and shopping for all of the materials. Craftsmen's Guild is truly a one-stop shop. We appreciated dealing with one person instead of having several contractors. The emphasis was placed on not having the job look like a remodel, but as if the house originally was designed this way. All people see when they walk in our house is a beautiful kitchen.
    Shelley G.
  • Craftmen's Guild helped us remodel our home (major kitchen remodel, all 4 bathrooms, and whatever else that needs to be changed). We hired them originally because they are a one-stop shop. We liked the idea that Mike, an architect, and Matt, a general contractor as well as an interior design and decorator Callie work together cooperatively. Being our first major remodel project, looking back, we are very happy with our choice. First Matt treated the project like what he would do for his own home. His concern is how happy we will be when we live there. Because of our own inexperience and also sometimes it is hard to predict the outcome based on paper dimension until one sees the space physically, there are times that what we have to change our plan. Matt understands this and insists on doing the right thing even though it meant more work for him to go back to the drawing board with Mike to come up with an alternative plan. Sometimes we changed own mind after the item we ordered was delivered (eg. I thought I wanted a big sink in the center island, but until I saw the actual sink, I realized that it was too big), Matt actually encouraged us to change it because he did not think we will be happy with it. Throughout the process, we really appreciate that Matt has provided a lot practical advice in terms of how the change is to blend in naturally with the existing structures as well as doing the right things to make sure our needs are met and that we are happy with the outcome. Callie had been instrumental in helping with all the little details such as kitchen cabinet layout to tile/marble selections. Without her, we would have been totally overwhelmed with all the possible combinations and options. When all the remodeling is done, we love what they did and we have been enjoying our home ever since. We would recommend them also because they operate their business with integrity, and they care about customer satisfaction. Even after the remodeling was long done, we have contacted Matt on a couple of occasions to ask for his advice when something broke or other new things need rework. Matt would either help refer us to the right persons or send someone to come fix the problems (even after a few years)! Now that's GREAT customer service!
  • We hired the Craftsmen's Guild in 2007 to add a second floor to our ranch-style tract home. Mike helped us come up with a design that we liked, Matt oversaw the construction details, and Callie helped us with interior decorating issues. We lived in the house throughout the remodel. We have been happy with the results. The house looks great from the outside, and meets all of our needs on the inside. We had a number of unusual design requests that they helped us achieve (such as built-in bookshelves). What I remember best, though, is the way Matt made construction decisions as if it was his home. By that, I mean that he had certain things done that didn't necessarily have to be done, but that enhanced the overall project and left us with a nicer home.
  • Craftmen's built an addition onto our 1920's English Tudor house. They claimed that our addition would not look like an addition and they were totally correct. Their new construction matches the original perfectly. They informed us of the several options we could do in the construction process before they proceeded with the work. They were on time and on budget. Their subcontractors and suppliers and very good and on time, and the cabinet place they referred us to was excellent. I would recommend their services to anyone who wants to add onto or upgrade their home.
    Bill W.
  • Mike and his team of dedicated professionals did a great job in helping us build our dream home in Pleasanton CA.(2008) Craftsmen's Guild designed and built the house in a timely fashion. Sina (Project Manager) was AMAZING!!! He is knowledgable and very helpful. I WOULD RECOMMEND ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO CRAFTSMEN'S GUILD TEAM.
    Sumrah J.
  • We had quite a difficult task in remodeling our home and Craftsmen's Guild was able to do a fantastic job! The level of professionalism, expertise and patience was wonderful. From the moment we explained the problems and our vision, they were ready to listen and able to provide feedback and further suggestions making the whole project a success. Very happy we chose them to work on our home and would not have any reservation in recommending them.
    Roya S.
  • Craftsmen'g Guild did a major remodeling for us. It is shown in their website too. The project went very smooth. They did a fantastic job. Very knowledgeable and professional team. I will definitely use them for any other project that I may have. I recommend them to my friends. Great Team, Great Company.
    Mitra A.
  • We did 3000 sq ft renovation and addition with outstanding work from craftsmen. They did quality work, all to code, easy to make changes and very fair to deal with. They are ethical, trustworthy, and became good friends to us over the nine month job. Its not often you find a company that delivers top quality work, professional business dealings, and great team of people. Please call Mike and ask for Morgan Hill reference. Rich and Daria
    Rich G.
  • We used Craftsmen's Guild to do a complete renovation of a 1950's house in Sunnyvale and love the home we now have. While no remodel comes without it's problems, the final result was worth all the details that needed to be worked out and the 11 months it took. The quality of the work and the extra details make the house unique but still fits in with the neighborhood. We have received many complements from our neighbors. Mike, Matt and Callie were always professional and responsive to our specific requirements. We highly recommend Craftsmen's Guild and would use them again.
    Anthony M.
  • My husband and I are pleased with Craftsmen's Guild Inc. They rebuilt our old house into a warm, efficient and beautiful space that we enjoy tremendously. CG took the existing house down to the studs, redesigned the three bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, family room and living room spaces, built an addition and made a lovely new home following our specifications and needs. Working with the brothers was easy: they listened, explained, responded and kept us up to date and involved on all details. The project was done on time and pretty close to the budget. Yes, they were expensive, but so is everything in Silicon Valley. We are surprised to see Ania and Emily's reviews, because we had a positive experience working with the brothers for almost two years! We didn't know them when we hired them, and based our decision after interviewing four other design-build companies, after looking at a few of CG's completed jobs, talking with several of their former clients, and interviewing each of the brothers more than once. We had never renovated a house, and we wanted to work with a team that would listen to us, a team that was honest and responsive. CG proved to be so! Even now, we know that if there's a problem, we can call CG and they will be attentive and professional. We would most certainly hire them again.
    Dulce G.
  • Craftsmen's Guild did an extensive remodel to my home. I had them do 3 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dinning room and 3 bedrooms. They completed the work on schedule. I am very pleased with their work. I would use them again and highly recommend them. Emily H.
    Emily H.
  • Craftsmen's Guild rebuilt our guest house. They took it down to the studs and built it back in a timely fashion. One of the advantages of using them was the fact that it is a one stop shop. The architect, engineer, designer and subs are all under one roof and managed by one person. After previous horrible experiences with greedy and incompetent architects and contractors, it was a pleasure to use Craftsmen's Guild. I would not hesitate to recommend them and use them again.
  • When we were looking to build a home in San Carlos, we approached a number of Architects and Builders. None of them came close to our vision for what we wanted to build. Finally we met Mike at Craftsmen's Guild. Mike put together an Architecture and Design which was exactly what we were looking for. After a number of reference checks, we decided to go ahead with Mike and his team. Mike put together the design and did all the work to get it through the city's planning process. After that, Mike and his brother Matt did the engineering design and also got all the city approvals to start the construction. During the construction phase, they assigned a dedicated Project Manager to stay on top of all the construction activities. We were building a new home (about 5,000sq ft) that was more complex than your average home - hill-side development, stringent San Carlos approval process, compliance with California's Wildland-Urban Interface Building Code, drainage retention system etc. In the end, the home came out exactly as we had imagined. Craftsmen's Guild did an outstanding job on the whole project. Even today, I can depend on them to answer questions or to come by and take care of any issues that may arise. I strongly recommend the Craftsmen's Guild team for any new construction or remodeling work.
    Perm K.
  • In 2008 we bought our brand new house in Saratoga, CA. It was designed and built from the ground up by Craftsmen's Guild and we bought it from them. We did not know them before we bought the house. But we could not be happier with their work. They used nice materials and designed a wonderful open area design. The best part about them is that after we purchased the new home, if there were any problems whatsoever (even minute issues), they sent over their people immediately to fix it! Their warranty service is impecable and they dropped by personally to make sure the fixes were to our liking. If something wasn't quite right, we'd tell them, and they worked with us to fix it or improve it. They were always accessible as well which we appreciated. We absolutely love our home, and we our proud that our children will be growing up in this house. Our friends and family come by often because our home is the best to entertain in because of the open floor plan design. We could not be happier with their professional work.
    Rick L.
  • My family's search for our dream home took nearly two years. We finally found our dream home in Cupertino, however, it was sold from under us. I was so taken by the home's design, that I asked every realtor I came in contact with if they knew who designed the Cupertino home. Nearly a year later, my realtor told me that she had found the perfect house for me. In fact, it was built by Craftsman's Guild who had also built my dream house in Cupertino. Since purchasing the home, the 'customer support' by the Amini Brother's and their associates has been spectacular. There can be so much as a leaky faucet, and Mike or a member of his crew will pay a personal visit to us to fix it. We feel that the Aminis will be our contractors for life, and we look forward to working with them in the future.
    Melinda M.
  • We have enjoyed using The Craftsmen's Guild for two remodeling projects. All of their employees and subcontractors were courteous, professional, and attentive to our concerns. They provided all of the plans (and permits) that included some pleasant surprises that enhanced the overall look of the completed projects. In both cases, their interior designers were helpful, easy to work with, and always conscious of our budget. Their subcontractors were on time and were always ready to explain the work they were doing. The first, and larger remodel was in 1998 and it involved the addition of a great room and remodeling the kitchen and den. This project involved some structural work needed to open up the dark den and entryway. We also added hardwood flooring to the new areas and replaced the roof. The second project in 2008 was remodeling of the bathrooms and laundry room, installation of hardwood floors in the hallways and replacement of the interior doors. In both remodels the old, dark cabinets and vanities were replaced with maple ones. We have enthusiastically recommended The Craftsmen's Guild for over 10 years.
    George H.
  • Go with these guys! One-stop shopping. No Worries. After doing small projects in our home over the years, we finally decided to do a major remodel. Through the years we spoke with many of our friends who mostly complained about their contractors, so our number one concern was customer satisfaction along with quality craftsmenship. We heard about Craftsmen's Guild and met with Mike Amini in our home. Although we had a few ideas of what we wanted, Mike saw way more potential for our home than we realized. When Mike left us after the initial visit, we had many options to decide on which left us quite excited to imagine wall movements we never even knew could be done. He also left us a list of previous clients who's homes Craftsmen's Guild had remodeled. In the next few days I made contact with at least a half a dozen of those previous clients. Every single one of them raved about Craftsmen's Guild, from how pleasant they were to work with to how great their respective remodels came out. With that piece of mind, we met again with Mike. The Amini brothers have a process in place which flows well. It began with with pictures of your home interior and then meeting in their office at a later date seeing your home conceptualized via computer as how it will look in the end. They also draw up all blueprints, go to city (in our case) to discuss addition and pull all permits. When work begins, they are good at keeping the job moving along. You will meet brother Matt and will see him around almost daily as the job progresses. He's great and never gets flustered with any obstacle along the way. Even if you think the obstacle is a big deal, he will calmly assure you to "don't worry about it" which actually puts you at ease since there is so much going on in your house around you, it can be almost overwhelming. Another reason to go with the Craftsmen's Guild is their in-house kitchen & bath designer, Callie Gray. She's such a great resource.. she will go with you shopping at suppliers they deal with and you will get the Craftsmen's discount. She has many great ideas and will expand your horizons on tile textures, colors and styles. She will help you by enhancing your ideas or give you ideas you probably had not seen or thought of yet. Our project is completed and we're thrilled with our "new home" . We get great compliments from everyone who visits our home. Our experience working with Mike, Moe, Matt Amini and their associates was a pleasure and we would definitely recommend them to everyone. Also, if you have to build a house from the ground up, they do that too. Sincerely, S.& C.S.
    Skip S.
  • We used Craftsmen's Guild for remodeling and architecture consisting of a family room addition and a major kitchen remodel in 2006-2007. They were excellent. The fact that they have both architecture and construction makes the entire process extremely smooth. Their architect, Mike Amini shepherded the plans through the city of Monte Sereno which is a challenging city to work with. They went above and beyond on the construction as well. The work was very high quality and completed on time and under-budget!. They were also flexible for any changes that I wanted to make midstream. City inspections were handled directly by them and there was never a problem getting approvals throughout. The crew on the job were also very good and were able to communicate well with teams and contractor. There was never any issue with the contractor having to interpret the architectural plans being a one-stop shop as I often hear of such problems when different outfits are used for architectural drawings and the construction. I highly recommend them for anyone that wants a high quality job done with a minimal amount of hassle. I have done other remodeling jobs in the past such as kitchens, and bathrooms. This by far was the smoothest. They also stand by their work. We continue to remain in touch afterwards and they continued to make themselves available post construction for any further needs and advice.
    Kevin M.
  • We recently had a major remodelling project done by Craftsmens guild. We were very happy with the professional approach of the whole team. At times when there were some problems, I got a quick response from Matt and the problem was solved right away. But an important point to keep in mind, be very sure of exactly what you plan to do before the construction begins, any changes after the construction is in process, involves a price tag!
    Hema K.
  • We lost our house in a fire on 12/25/08. The house is a 3-story house in Los Gatos, 3,700 sq. feet. It took us almost one year to get the insurance money to rebuild the house. We interviewed several contractors, but the Craftsmens Guild was recommended to me by a friend who had just used them for her remodel. They have been in business for 35 years and have had NO complaints when I checked them out in the Better Business Bureau. They are a big family business with the architect, Mike Amini, the structural/civil engineer, Matt Amini, and the Office Manager, Mo Amini. We liked their "vertical integration", which meant that everybody working on the job was under one umbrella with no one pointing fingers. They also have a kitchen and bath designer, Callie Grey, working in their office who was great to work with and was free to us! Callie has all the latest knowledge about all the new gadgets in the kitchen and bath arena (and there are lots of them - some worth it - some not). The house was completely gutted with just the outside walls left standing. Significant foundation work had to be done and due to the changes we made on the main floor. Matt Amini had his job cut out for him trying to support the upstairs master bedroom when we wanted to remove all the walls to put the kitchen underneath it! He put in several engineered beams to carry out Mike Amini's vision of the house. We had a very positive experience working with them. Mike Amini did the plans and made several significant suggestions that really opened up the house to our beautiful view out the back of our house. He did the plans in record time and applied for and received our permits in record time. They knew everyone in the Town of Los Gatos office which expedited our permits and helped greatly with Inspections. We started construction in December, 2009 and they finished in August, 2010. Since it was almost a complete new house rebuild, we thought this was really fast. They worked continuously on the job and were not always running off to other jobs. Since I'm retired, I was over there almost every day. Matt Amini was the Project Manager. He was always there and we found his suggestions on cost vs. benefit on many features to be really excellent. He is really a perfectionist which we appreciated greatly. He was very responsive when we asked for additional things. Also, we found all his subcontractors were very gifted craftsmen who really cared about the job they were doing. We moved back into our house on 8/21/10 and the house is so incredible with the changes. Thank you Craftsmens Guild!
    Zoann P.
  • Mike Amini contacted me recently regarding a previously submitted negative review about the Craftsmen's Guild. Mike was extremely concerned that I had not had a positive experience with his company and committed himself to working with me to ensure that I was completely satisfied with the results. He made himself available to work with me on my own terms and time and I was very impressed with his willingness to go the extra mile to ensure my happiness. I think many of the challenges mentioned in the previous review were due to communication challenges which can happen in any professional relationship. I am convinced, however, that Mike has his clients best interest at heart and is committed to ensuring their happiness in a project. Thanks Mike and the Craftsmens Guild for putting your clients first!
    Laura L.
  • If you are looking for as close to a "no hassle" remodel experience as possible, Craftsmen's Guild is the place to go. Remodeling is a stressful experience, but CG is made up of a competent team of experts whose main goal is to make the process as painless as possible. During his initial visit to a home, Mike Amini, the architect and designer, takes note of the client's specific preferences and desires. Then, he prepares a design that is practical as well as architecturally aesthetic. He convinced me to raise the roof and extend the kitchen three feet to not only create more space and add an island, but to also take advantage of sunlight using more and larger windows including bay windows. Over my dark stairwell and windowless bathroom, he recommended solar tubes. He also suggested lighted cabinets in the kitchen as a "built-in" china cabinet. During the construction phase, Matt Amini, the engineer and on-site manager, makes sure that everything is structurally sound and on schedule. He is ever-present and is quick to offer advice and recommend desired changes that can be easily incorporated with the least cost and schedule impact. Matt offers helpful insight throughout the entire remodel process. Mo Amini, the business manager, keeps all the paperwork in order and makes sure that all financial transactions are correct. Mo is the "oh so pleasant voice" who usually answers the phone at Craftsmen's Guild. CG also has a design consultant on staff to help you make difficult interior decisions (faucets, kitchen island design, appliances, lighting, bathroom fixtures). CG subcontracts with only the highest quality cabinet makers, electricians, plumbers, and fabricators for granite and marble to ensure an exquisite final product. CG does a seamless transition in remodeling - their work does not look like an "addition" -- it looks like it has always been there. CG completed my remodel in 2001 and I am still getting compliments.
    Frankie H.
  • Craftsmen's Guild and the Amini brothers are amazing! We were fortunate to find them in 2005 when we were looking to remodel our mid-sixties ranch home in Santa Clara. We liked the fact that they could do it all - design and build. When Mike Amini presented us with an initial plan for our home, we were amazed to see what we would be able to do with the existing structure. Our project started in the Spring of 2005 and was completed on-time in November. Mike's brother Matt handled all the on-site work, while brother Moe handled all the paperwork. We added 1000 square feet, rebuilt everything else and ended up with a completely new home. They handled everything and we are thrilled with the results. These professionals are a rare breed in the contracting business. We highly recommend them for any construction project you may have.
    Dana M.
  • I have used Craftsmen’s Guild for two remodels in the last 11 years. I would definitely start with a Mike Amini design if I ever decided to remodel again. His designs are unique and innovative and he really listens to your requirements. You will not get a standard-issue design from him - nobody can believe that my house is a remodel. I have even had strangers knock on the door and ask who did the work. I also used Craftsmen’s Guild to do the work on both projects and found their subcontractors to be above average in all cases. Both projects were completed on time.
    Mary P.
  • The experience we had with Matt, Mike and Mo was absolutely outstanding. Callie was totally awesome to work with. They kept us informed every step along the way and made helpful suggestions when we encountered the few difficulties that surfaced. Matt was wonderful to work with, extremely knowledgable and very professional. We've been back in our house a little over a year and to this day I thank my lucky stars for the day I wandered into their showroom asking for advice.
    Rita M.
  • Suffice to say that if we think of remodeling or construction again, Craftsmen's Guild would be our contractor without any reservation. From the excellent plan to outstanding execution and more importantly accommodating attitude, honesty, competence, and cost control, we were delighted with the performance of Craftsmen's Guild during the extensive remodeling of our house. Their outstanding know-how combined with pride in their work and concern for the home owner's wishes made our remodeling project a very pleasant experience. All our requested add-ons were handled with utmost diligence and seamless completion. All we had to do was wish it and it happened better than we expected. Their follow-up of any issues since we moved into the house has been outstanding. If anything needed repair, even after the warranty period, it was handled expeditiously and completely. The culture of honesty, integrity and pride goes deep at Craftsmen's Guild and is not limited to the principals of the company. The attitude of "what can I do to help" is the guiding principle among all the talented engineers and support staff in the company. We have been through building a house and several remodeling projects before. Our experience with Craftsmen's Guild gave us a different perspective for construction projects. We realized that when one has the right people on the job, construction and remodeling projects can be a pleasant experience with no unexpected cost-over-runs, no schedule slips, and no continuous renegotiation of the scope of the work. They know their business and they get it done painlessly for the homeowner regardless of any obstacles in the way.
  • We have been through 2 remodeling projects with Craftsmen's Guild, and were very pleased with the results both times. Mike Amini comes up with wonderfully aesthetic designs that take into account the customer's practical needs. Matt Amini supervises the building phase with sincerity and efficiency. We have been very impressed with their quick response to all our requests and concerns. Add to that their unfailingly courteous attitude, and it's no surprise we went with them twice! If I had another project I wanted to get done, I would surely hire them again.
    La G.