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6 Home Remodeling Trends to Consider This Year

Home remodeling can have a significant impact on the flow and functionality of your home. While a whole house remodeling is not always a realistic option. You can modernize your home with these home remodeling trends.

Here are six trends that you can try for your fine home remodeling in Atherton

1. Dedicated Home Offices

With over a quarter of Americans working from home, the demand for office spaces will continue. It is a favorable choice, especially for homeowners with young children. This may include upgrading the existing workspace to make it more functional or building a new dedicated home office space.

This allows professionals such as musicians, psychologists, and physiotherapists to boost their productivity while working from their homes. They get a quieter space for conference calls while still keeping an eye on their children. Also, it eliminates the need to purchase or lease a separate space.

2. Accessory Dwelling Units or Guest Rooms

Adding more space for grown children or elderly parents is a major priority for homeowners. That’s why they choose to expand their existing houses or buy a new one with more space.

When it comes to adding space, there are many options for homeowners. It could be a guest room, garage apartment, or accessory dwelling unit. This space is usually separate from the main living area, with a bedroom and bathroom.

3. Small Decks or Patios

With the work-from-home trend, more and more homeowners are also focusing on outdoor space. These outdoor spaces can be used for gathering and relaxing at home. You can transform a small unused side yard or entry area into a deck or patio to create a space for outdoor recreation. It also has a positive impact on the curb appeal of your property. Also, the benefits make it a welcome change for your fine home remodeling in Atherton.

4. Updating Interior Lighting

When you consider modernizing your home, updating the lighting can dramatically change your interiors. The unevenly distributed lights in older homes create a dim environment. By strategically placing the lights, you can completely modernize the interiors.

5. A Dedicated Hobby Space

Having a dedicated hobby room has multiple benefits. It enhances your general well-being while providing a dedicated space to keep your hobby equipment. This not only helps declutter but also reduces stress levels.

This trend continues to grow in popularity, giving homeowners a dedicated place for their creativity and passion. It could be a wine room, cozy reading nook, gaming corner, or workout studio.

6. Multifunctional Spaces

Multifunctional spaces provide flexible options to homeowners that adapt to their changing needs. These versatile spaces serve multiple functions, such as gyms, entertainment areas, etc. This home remodeling idea can be applied to any part of your home that doubles as something else.


You can also incorporate These home design trends in your ultra-modern custom homes in Burlingame.
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