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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Floor Plan

Designing a custom home from scratch is a creative and life-changing process. During the process, you have to make many important decisions, and space planning is one of them.

The floor plan is the foundation of your custom home. It outlines the size and function of different rooms in your home. Selecting an experienced home builder in San Jose to assist you in building your dream home can help you make the right decisions.

Read on to learn about the factors to consider when selecting a floor plan.

  1. Lifestyle

The purpose of building a custom home is that it reflects your lifestyle. Consider things like whether you work from home, the kind of cooking you do, the type of appliances you want, etc. It is common for people to think they will not run out of space when moving into a new home but a few years later, the living space feels crowded. As the family grows, your space requirements will change. So, it is important to consider your future needs as well.

  1. Use of Natural Light

Apart from considering your lifestyle and space requirements, you want to maximize the use of natural light as well. Consider the direction the windows face and the amount of natural light each room will receive. If you want a living space with plenty of natural light, choose a floor with large windows on multiple sides. Open floor plans let light flow freely and also make the space feel bigger. Moreover, the better a home utilizes natural light, the more homeowners can establish an indoor/outdoor connection.

  1. Consider the Flow of Your New Home

A good floor plan allows easy movement throughout the home. The placement of doors and hallways is crucial to the flow of the floor plan. Also, consider the location of bedrooms, kitchens, living spaces, and bathrooms. It is worth spending time with your home builder in San Jose considering the traffic flow of your home. Imagine yourself moving through the layout of your home carrying groceries from the car to the kitchen. A livable design should not make the daily tasks feel hard to accomplish.

  1. Storage

Another key consideration is the amount of storage you need. It is often an overlooked aspect of home design that isn’t normally a priority for most homeowners. One of the benefits of a custom floor plan is that you have better control over every aspect of the house.

An attic can be the perfect place to store the stuff you have collected over the years. Also, unused wall space can be creatively used to store books, home decor, etc. Depending on the things you plan to store you may want to consider adding extra built-in storage such as walk-in closets, cabinets, etc.

  1. Consider Your Budget

The budget is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a floor plan. The design, size, and features of some floor plans may be more expensive, which can have an impact on your budget. Working with an experienced custom San Francisco home builder can help you strike the right balance between what you want and what you can afford.

Plan Your Custom Home with Craftsmen’s Guild

Choosing the right floor plan that fits you and your family can be a daunting task. Working with an experienced custom home builder in San Francisco or anywhere else can help can select the right floor plan for your needs. They have the experience and resources to create a home exactly to your needs.

At Craftsmen’s Guild, our team of architects and interior designers helps you build the home of your dreams. Get in touch today and book a free consultation to discuss your custom home project.


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